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Terms of Service


  1. The Artist reserves the right to decline taking any commission with no further explanation.

  2. Unless otherwise stated, a watermarked Sketch is provided to the Client prior payment.

  3. The time of completion of a Commission varies usually from few days to up to three months, depending on the type of commission and the Artist's schedule.

  4. Honest and clear communication from both parties is expected and appreciated. The Commission Process can be tailored according to individual needs, including modifying some of the terms stated on this document, as long as the changes are agreed upon before starting the Commission.


  1. The full payment is required upon the Client's approval of the Sketch, or the Artist's confirmation on starting the Commission Process when no Sketch is given, unless otherwise agreed (see Payment Plans).

  2. The payment needs to be completed within 72 hours after it is requested, ideally as soon as possible.

    1. Short delay is not an issue as long as the Client informs the Artist.

    2. The Artist only works for the hours that have been paid. The Commission is not progressed when there is a payment waiting fulfilment.


  1. The Artist has the right to cancel the Commission at any point. If the Artist cancels the Commission, the Client will receive a full refund.

  2. The Client may cancel the Commission only before any payments have been made.

    1. The Client may cancel the Commission even if the Sketch is completed.

  3. Upon cancellation, the Artist has the right to repurpose the Sketch or the unfinished Artwork. Any intellectual property belonging to the Client will not be exploited.

  4. The Client may claim the Sketch or the unfinished Artwork for a fee corresponding the time spent on the Commission, calculated by the Artist upon cancellation. In this case, the Client will receive the Sketch or the Unfinished Artwork as is, and the Artist may not not repurpose it.

Updates and Revisions

  1. The Artist will inform the Client about the update or completion schedule upon accepting the Commission.

    1. The given schedule is not guaranteed.

    2. The Client may ask updates up to once a week.

    3. Typical interval between updates given by the Artist is once a week, or once in two weeks.

  2. The Client may ask for revisions upon seeing the updates. Request of changes must be stated clearly and with no delay.

  3. The Artist may decline from making any requested changes that are based purely on stylistic preferences.

  4. A Major Revision on any element of the Artwork that has been previously approved by the Client will require an additional fee. A Major Revision is any revision that requires considerable amount of rework.

  5. Upon completion, the Client may request up to two rounds of revisions. Any additional rounds of revisions will require an additional fee.


  1. The rights as the author of the Artwork remain with the Artist.

  2. The Artist has the right to:

    1. Post and share the Artwork or parts of it on any media platform.

    2. If given the consent, use the Artwork for self-promotional purposes, such as in commission posts or graphics.

  1. The Client retains all intellectual rights to the subjects or the characters depicted in the Artwork.

  2. The Client has the right to:

    1. Repost and use the Artwork online with credit to the Artist.

    2. Crop and edit the Artwork. If posting an edited Artwork, the Client should state that the Artwork has been edited, unless the edits are obvious.

    3. Create prints of the Artwork for personal use only.

  3. The Client may request the Artwork to remain private, in which case the Artist will not post the Artwork.

Personal Data

  1. Any personal data of the Client collected by the Artist during the Commission Process is only used for:

    1. Correspondence between the Artist and the Client.

    2. Managing payments concerning the Commission.

  2. Any personal data received during the Commission Process by the Artist will never be shared to a third party, or added to any mailing lists.

  1. Person under the age of 16 may not request a Commission Order through the Commission Form.

  2. Person under the age of 16 may contact the Artist on DeviantArt to request a Commission, requiring no collection of personal data.

    1. This requires the payment through DeviantArt as Points.

Payment Plans

  1. The Client may request a Payment Plan for any Commission above the price of 100€.

    1. The Payment Plan can be settled to accommodate individual needs.

    2. Failure to meet the agreed Payment Plan may lead to the Artist terminating the Commission without a refund of earlier payments. In case of termination, the Client will receive the unfinished Artwork as is.

Deadlines and Rush Commissions

  1. Under normal circumstances, the Artist will not guarantee any deadlines.

  2. In case the Client needs the Commission to be completed within certain near date, they may ask for possibility of a Rush Commission.

    1. Default Rush Fee is 10€ + 20% of the original price of the Commission.

    2. The time of completion of a Rush Commission is settled prior Payment.

    3. If the Artist fails to meet the deadline of a Rush Commission, the Client may request a full refund. If a full refund is requested, the Artwork will not be finished and the Client will not receive the unfinished Artwork.

    4. Rush Commissions may not always be available or possible.


The Artist will not take on a Commission that contains:

  1. Gore.

  2. Pornographic elements.

    1. Exception: Nudity.

  3. Fetish themes or elements.

  4. Copyrighted characters.

Furry Amino users should note that any Commission violating the guidelines of Furry Amino (nudity) may not be discussed within Amino even in private, thus any person wishing to commission such Artwork should choose another method of correspondence.

This document may be edited without further notice. 

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